Mumbai’s lifestyle as compared to villages

U never know when u might get a dream to shift from Mumbai to your village. Well, I think we might get this dream when we are totally fed up from city life and when we intend to enjoy a peaceful life. Many of our parents think so. Mumbai is so full of life. Do you agree? 

I do. Mumbai’s pace is increasing day by day whereas villages are getting famous for tourism. In our fast life, we never come across thinking of animals, rivers, agriculture and so on and so forth. Have you ever thought of learning animal language? I bet never ever.

But in villages, farmers talk to animals in their language for every small thing. Even to walk fast…. Surprised! That’s true. While in Mumbai animals are ill treated for human stomach. Pollution is to the core in Mumbai whereas villages have clean air.

I really hope we can also get a village’s life in Mumbai for a day. God! That will take decades so go and enjoy in your villages only and far from hectic life.